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Standard fiberoptics cables.
We offer three different standard types of fiber cable assemblies (or patchcords). If you need a different type of fiber cable, just contact us, we can most likely provide what you need.
Std 3-mm Fiber Cable with SMA connectors Fiber cables with 3-mm PVC protective tubing and SMA connectors.
This is the most common type of fiber-optics cable suitable for most applications. The optical fiber strand is protected in a double jacket with aramid yarn.
Fiber cables with SS cable armor Fiber Cables with flexible cable armor and SMA connectors.
This type of fiberoptics cable is best suited for more demanding applications requiring a very strong and rugged construction. The optical fiber strand is protected by a very strong yet flexible cable armor made of stainless-steel with a 5-mm outside diameter.
Fiber cable 0.9mm

Fiber cables with 0.9-mm protective tubing and FC connectors.
This type of fiberoptics cable is well suited for applications where space and flexibility are at a premium. We offer this type of cable as standard only for Single-Mode fibers.

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