Laser diodes are the most efficient source of light capable of converting over 70% of electric energy into light. They are also one of the most compact and most powerful source of light capable of generating over 10W of light in a volume as small as 0.15 mm3 (~0.000009 cubic inch). They are made of semiconductor material using the same techniques used to fabricate integrated circuits. They can be made to emit light at various wavelengths ranging from UV/blue (470nm) to mid-infrared (~4-micron).

Laser diodes have become ubiquitous in many consumer devices such as CD / DVD players and laser pointers. They are now widely used in a wide range of applications such as target illumination, plastic surgery (wrinkle and hair removal), metal welding and telecommunication.

Optical Fiber Systems Inc specializes in the packaging and fiber-coupling (or pigtailing) of high power (>1W) laser diodes. We have developed a proprietary technique to couple an array of laser diode into a small bundle of optical fibers. Our most popular products are our SPCO and our QFC 808nm modules for Nd-YAG and Nd-Vanadate pumping with end-pump configuration. We also provide 915nm and 976nm diode modules to pump Yb-Fiber lasers.

SPCO diode modules
SPCO Diode Module SPCO-1808-1511 (15W at 808nm)
SPCO-2808-3011 (30W at 808nm)
Our SPCO modules incorporate a linear diode laser array (or bar) to generate high level of optical power. We use a proprietary technique to couple the output beam of the diode laser bar into a small bundle of optical fibers without using any additional optical element, resulting in a compact, rugged, high-performance and cost-effective device.

Our SPCO modules are direct "drop-fit" replacement parts for Spectra-Physics (SP) pump diode modules. They include an internal 10 kohms NTC thermistor, and an interface PCB with on-board EEPROM and safety relay for full compatibility.

We offer two standard products, a 15W model (SPCO-1808-1511) and a 30W model (SPCO-2808-3011). The 15W module works in SP T20 and T40 model power supplies, and the 30W module works in SP J-series power supplies.
QFC diode modules
QFC Diode Module QFC-0808-150 (150W at 808nm)
Our QFC modules incorporate up to 5 linear diode laser array (or bar) to generate very high level of optical power. The module incorporates a separate TE Cooler for each bar in order to temperature the wavelength for each bar. The bars can be connected electrically either in series, in parallel or independently. Our standard QFC module delivers up to 150W of power at 808nm.
Custom diode modules
Custom Diode Modules
We specialize in providing customer-specific products. We have experience in coupling and packaging all types of laser diodes, from mW single mode to large 2-D arrays. Some examples include 60mW at 405nm out of Single Mode Fiber, 8W at 635nm out of a 900-micron 0.12NA fiber, 10W at 1064nm out of 400-micron 0.12NA fiber, and 300W at 976nm out of a 0.9-mm 0.12NA fiber.

We can also provide modules incorporating coolers, drivers and controllers. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will promptly offer you a solution.

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