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Optical Fiber Systems Inc offers a line of custom and standard fiberoptic assemblies including arrays and bundles. Our fiber arrays include both single-mode and multi-mode fibers, with or without collimating lenses. We also provide accessories such as fiber collimators, optical probes and collimating microlenses. We are experts in high power laser delivery. We work with all types of fiber, from single mode to large multi mode, fused silica or plastic, and have the capabilities to fusion-splice both single-mode fibers and large multi-mode fibers. We also work with active and double-clad fibers as well as fiber lasers. Our broad technical expertise and highly flexible manufacturing process allow us to offer affordable customer-specific solutions.

Laser Diodes
Optical Fiber Systems Inc provides several types of fiber-coupled diode modules, from a few mW to several 100s W of output power. Our main modules are 808nm diodes to pump Nd-YAG or Nd-Vanadate lasers. In particular, we provide fiber-coupled diode modules that are drop-fit replacement for the Spectra-Physics pump diode modules.

Laser Systems
Optical Fiber Systems Inc manufactures custom laser systems. Our current line includes laser diodes and fiber laser systems, from 5 mW up to 100 W, from 405nm to 1400 nm. We will be happy to build for you the laser system that you need. We have developed a simple and proprietary electronic circuit with a programmable processor to control the operation of the system, including the control of the power generated by the diode, its operating temperature, all necessary safety features, and a serial RS232 communication link with a controlling computer or a hand-held controller.

Optical Fiber Systems Inc also provides various accessories such as diode drivers, temperature and TEC controllers, laser collimators, focusing assemblies, fiber-couplers, and other opto-mechanical assemblies and electronic circuits.

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