Standard and custom solutions for lasers and optical fibers.

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Fiberoptic Assemblies Fiberoptics Assemblies. We specialize in the fabrication of custom fiberoptics assemblies for laser beam delivery and optical sensing applications. We manufacture custom assemblies such as fiberoptics cables, fiber-arrays and fiber-collimators.
Fiber-coupled diode Fiber-coupled / Pigtailed Laser Diodes. We specialize in the packaging and fiber-coupling (or pigtailing) of high power (>1W) laser diodes. We have developed a proprietary technique to couple an array of laser diode into a small bundle of optical fibers. Our most popular product is our Spectra-Physics compatible SPCO module which is a direct fit replacement for the original Spectra-Physics pump diode modules.
Laser Systems Laser Systems. We manufacture several types of laser systems as an OEM contractor for various applications. Systems include laser diode and fiber laser systems, with single wavelength or multiple wavelengths, single beam or multiple beams, from 5 mW up to severall 100's of Watts. We can manufacture complete systems or OEM components.
Laser Accessories

Laser Accessories & Instruments. In addition to fiberoptics and lasers, we also provide various laser and fiberoptics instruments and accessories such as laser diode (LD) drivers, TEC / temperature controllers, collimators / focusing assemblies. We can provide complete instruments or OEM components.


R&D + Engineering Support. In addition to standard products, we also provide engineering support to develop, design or modify a product that will best fit your specific requirements. Our field of expertise includes optics, fiberoptics, lasers as well as mechanical, thermal and electronics engineering.

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